ATTENTION: Real Estate Investing Trainers, SaaS and Service Providers...
I'll Fund 100% of all of The Advertising Costs & Hiring a Sales Team to Add 7 Figures to Your Bottom line in 2020... 

AFTERWARD, You Just Write Me a Check from The Revenue I Bring You.
... I Don't Get Paid Unless YOU Get Paid! :-)
Hi I'm         
Jeremy Jackson
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Here's What We're Funding ...
Offer Optimization
Tune up your offer to get $5 to $15 more per email subscriber every time we promote your product or service to your list. We'll use our proven Offer Tune-Up™ process to get your phone pinging non-stop with payment notifications, all without creating new stuff or discounting the price.
Done For You Campaign
Kick back and watch your email subscribers turn into paying customers and enjoy windfall of sales with a 100% custom created email campaign. With our Rainmaker™ & T3™ Email Campaigns, you don't have to do any more webinars, phone strategy sessions or product launches.
Email Sales Specialist
Watch more customers come through the door with a dedicated Email Sales Specialist managing the sales pipeline to enroll clients, 100% hands-off for you. We don't use any high sales pressure or manipulative tactics that would tarnish your reputation. We treat your customers as our own!
Who We Can Work With ...
While I'd love to fund sales campaigns for a lot of the companies I come across, here's what we're looking for in potential partners:
  • ​Serves real estate investors and wholesalers 
  • ​Been operating for over 18 months 
  • ​Has 3,000+ customer list 
  • ​Sells a $10,000+ product or service 
  • ​Product/service MUST deliver on its promise 
  • ​Has the operations/back office to handle 10-20 new premium clients every month
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Hear The Word On The Street
"In 2 short weeks, Yassin brought us $9/subscriber after sending just 4 emails. We didn't have to lift a finger in the process. I love it!"
Dan Barrett
Founder of Adwords Nerds, Online Marketing for Real Estate Investors & Agents
"When it comes to rolling out email marketing campaigns that fills up training programs, there are very few people who can get it done like Yassin."
Keith & Shannon French
Creators of "Link Options", Lease Options Experts
"Yassin's email campaigns are as good as a cashier check. You can take it all the way to the bank and it doesn't bounce."
Claude Diamond
Author of The G.U.T.S. Method, Real Estate Sales Trainer & Mentor
Are You Next?
Are You My Next Partner?
Hi, my name is Yassin Shaar.

Over the past 7 years, I've created over 100 marketing campaigns, most are responsible for generating 5 & 6 figures in sales revenue.

We do this primarily by using ole email and without doing webinars, phone strategy sessions or product launches.

And this month, I'm looking to invest in 1 more real estate investing training, SaaS or service business to add 7 figures to their bottom line in 2020.

My team and I will fund and manage the entire thing from A to Z so ALL my partner has to do is SERVICE their clients.

And the best part?

We ONLY get paid when YOU get paid from the new sales we bring you :-)
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