For the Right Business, I'll 100% Fund a Sales Campaign & Do All the Work To Add $50k-$100k/Month To The Bottom-line in about 90 Days ...

Afterwards, You Just Write Me a Check from The Revenue I Bring You.

... I Don't Get Paid Unless YOU Get Paid!

(Update: Right now we're fully booked until Q4)

Here's How It Works ...

Same Product, More Money

Get more customers from your email list and have them spend more with you without creating new products. We'll use our Offer Mojo™ to create demand for your programs and have your phone pinging non-stop with payment notifications, all without giving away the farm or discounting the price.

Email Copy That Sells

Kick back and watch your email subscribers turn into paying customers and enjoy windfall of sales with custom written & entertaining email copy. With our Rainmaker™ & T3™ Email Campaigns, you don't have to do anymore preview events, sell over the phone or even run webinars every week.

More Clients, Less Work

Have more customers join your programs with a dedicated Email Sales Specialist closing all the sales over email (or live chat), 100% hands-off for you. We never have to shove a product down someone's throat because prospects will be already pre-sold by the time they reach out wanting to enroll.

Who I'm Looking For ...

While I'd love to work with a lot of the companies I come across with, here's what we're looking for in potential partners:

  • ​Serves business owners and entrepreneurs (English speaking markets only)
  • ​Been operating for over 18 months 
  • ​Has 5,000+ customer list 
  • ​Sells a $5,000+ product or service 
  • ​Has a 5 stars reputation and product/service MUST deliver on its promise 
  • ​Has the operations/back office to handle 10-20 new premium clients every month


Hear The Word On The Street

Dan Barrett

Founder of Adwords Nerds, Online Marketing for Real Estate Investors & Agents

"In 2 short weeks, Yassin brought us $9/subscriber after sending just 4 emails. I didn't have to lift a finger in the process. I love it!"
Ryan Levesque
Inc. 500 CEO & #1 National Best-Selling Author of "ASK" & "CHOOSE"​. 100,000 Copies Sold. Co-Founder
"Anyone who is considering working with Yassin - he receives my highest recommendation"

Jason Lucchesi

Host of "No Flipping Excuses" Show

"Over $300,000 in the bank from your campaigns"

Travis Sago
Investor & Mentor, Top #10 ClickBank Seller across ALL Categories, Chief Mojo
"Yassin writes some of the best copy I've ever seen. He stops at nothing to get a marketing/sales piece dialed in and working.
He's also a man of integrity and always shows up. He's got my 5 stars review (which I don't give very often).
Claude Diamond
Author of The G.U.T.S. Method, Real Estate Sales Trainer & Mentor
"Yassin's email campaigns are as good as a cashier's check. You can take it all the way to the bank and it never bounces."

Keith & Shannon French
Creators of "Link Options", Lease Options Experts
"When it comes to rolling out email marketing campaigns that fills up coaching programs, there are very few people who can get it done like Yassin."

Who's Behind This ...

Hi, my name is Yassin Shaar.
Over the past 4 years, I've created over 150 email marketing campaigns, most are responsible for generating high 5 & multiple 6 figures in sales revenue/month.
We do this primarily by using email and without doing live events, selling over the phone, or running webinars every week.
And this month, I'm looking to fund 1 more sales campaign for a new partner to add $50k-$100k/month to their bottom line in 2021.
My team and I will fund and manage the entire thing from A to Z so ALL my partner has to do is SERVICE their clients.
And the best part?
We ONLY get paid when THEY get paid from the new sales we bring them :-)

Some Questions You May Have ...

Do you require money upfront?
No. We are truly investing money, time, years of expertise and more in your business.
 How much do you charge? 
Right now, we're not going to ask for equity in return for our investment (subject to change in the future).
We only get paid a piece of the direct revenue we bring you and AFTER it's sitting in your bank account.
Because every business is different, we structure our agreements on a case-by-case scenario.
 How do you exactly make me money? 
We’ve been enrolling clients and customers into $2k to $60k programs without phone calls, webinars every week or preview events for partners since August of 2015.
We use the written word via email and/or live chat to PRE-SELL and sell (enroll).

In short, we’ve pioneered how to Pareto (80/20) out the ”webinar to strategy session funnel” to the bare essence so we can just use the written word to enroll clients into premium programs up to $60,000.

We typically do this in 3 steps in a process we call the T3 System.

T1 is Pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.
T2 is qualification
T3 is offer, answer questions and enroll

We can “deploy” our T3 System from email, direct mail, FB groups, anywhere there is an audience.
 What if I don’t like working with you after we start? 
I love your frankness:-) I always set up our partnership as a “first date” to start where we run a low-key campaign, make some money together and we both get to try each other on.

If I don’t chew with my mouth open on our date and we’ve got good chemistry THEN we’ll decide if we should “go steady” or part as friends.

(Update: Right now we're fully booked until Q4)

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