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Complete Breakdown of Cris Chico’s
“FlipAnywhere Academy” Funnel

… And a Simple Plan to Add an Extra $250k+ Without
Changing a Single Word
in the Funnel

If you’re selling info products and coaching in the real estate investing space, chances are you’ve bumped into Cris Chico’s content and offers.

Cris is one of the pioneers of the “Virtual Wholesaling” business model and known for his unique approach to direct mail (and more recently Facebook Ads).

In fact, he’s one of the guys I’ve studied over 7 years ago when I first jumped into wholesaling real estate virtually all the way back from my home country in Lebanon.

It is my hope in this “spotlight series” to highlight the most popular high ticket funnels and offers ($500+) in the real estate education space to help you get more sales.

What you’ll see below is a full breakdown of Cris’s “Flipanywhere Academy” ever-green funnel and our simple plan to potentially add an extra $250k in revenue without changing a single word in his funnel.

If you find this article helpful or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you …

Send me an email to yassin@soldwithemail.com or ping me on Facebook by clicking on the Messenger icon below.
Disclaimer: All comments and recommendations are 100% based on our experience generating multiple 7 figures in sales for similar offers in the industry. We do not have access to data of the actual performance of this funnel.

The simple plan of adding an extra $250k+ in revenue that we recommend follows the same process we go through when we invest our own money and resources into creating sales campaigns for our partners.
Alright, let’s dig in.
Summary of The Funnel Strategy
Based on our research, most of the traffic (paid and organic) is being sent to an ever-green long-from VSL funnel selling his $997 “FlipAnywhere Academy” and $497 “Facebook Training” info-products. 

(Note: At the time of publishing this article, the products were offered at 50% discount)

The paid advertising channel used is Facebook Ads and the main organic traffic sources are his Youtube channel, email, and website.

The traffic is first sent to a squeeze page to capture the email address and then redirected to a long form Video Sales Letter with a call-to-action (CTA) to buy his products.

The funnel has a basic visual design and is made up of:
  • ​4 main Landing Pages (Squeeze page, VSL page, Product Page & Checkout Page)
  • 2-Day Email Follow Up Sequence
Funnel Breakdown
In this section, we’re going to break down the funnel into 3 parts:
  • Funnel Flow
  • ​Offer & Copy
  • Traffic
Funnel Flow
Here’s a high level breakdown of the funnel flow ...
Squeeze Page
It’s a simple 2-step squeeze page with a Headline & Call-To-Action.
 Video Sales Letter Page
He’s got a Video Sales Letter on a white background with a Call-To-Action to buy the product and no copy.
Product Page
It’s a product-focused page with an overwhelming PROOF where prospects can select 1 of the 2 options he’s offering to join his training program.

I’m not able to show the entire page in the image above, but you can grab a screenshot of the entire page here.
 Checkout Page
Simple checkout form recapping the deliverables with two payment options.
Offer & Copy
Target Audience
Cris seems to be primarily going after aspiring real estate investors (newbies) who have tried other ways of making money in real estate but haven’t been successful.

These are very sophisticated buyers who have heard all the promises, bought courses before and are still on the search for ways to make money in real estate.
There are two options Cris is offering ...

Option #1: FlipAnywhere Academy

This offer includes all of Cris’s training programs he’s created along with his personal support in a dedicated Facebook Group.

  • Main Deliverables: 
  • Funnel Flow
  • Find Motivated Sellers Online System
  • Eviction Profits System
  • Virtual Wholesaling Training
  • Direct Mail For Motivated Sellers
  • Objection Handling Course
  • 2 Facebook Groups
  • "Find Motivated Sellers Online" Facebook group
  • Flipanywhere" Private Facebook
  • Price Point: $997 (or 2 payments of $597)
  • Guarantee: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonuses: 
  • Bonuses: 
  • Urgency/Scarcity: 72 hours deadlineBonuses: 
Option #2: Facebook Training 

This training is primarily focused on getting deals from Facebook ads (which is included in Option #1)
  • Main Deliverables:
  • Find Motivated Sellers Online System
  • "Find Motivated Sellers Online" Facebook group
  • Price Point: $497 (or 2 payments of $297)
  • Guarantee: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonuses: N/A
  • Urgency/Scarcity: 72 hours deadline
Giving prospects the 2nd option at half the price is the main offer is a good anchor.
And since the sales presentation is primarily about Facebook Ads, I’d guess that most prospects take option #2?
Cris seems to be primarily leaning on A LOT of proof elements (testimonials, track record, stats, FB screenshots, etc.) and providing value upfront to demonstrate his expertise and persuade prospects into buying his products.
The main promise Cris is leading with is “How to Flip Real Estate Using Social Media Advertising” and how they can also run their entire wholesaling business online using only their laptop and a cell phone.

This is quite an appealing and proven promise that we see regularly in the market.
Unique Mechanism
While Cris’s approach to Facebook ads gets his students great results, there’s no clear mention of a “unique way” for running these Ads that is superior over everything else in the market and that folks can’t get anywhere else but from Cris.

The main mechanism he’s highlighting is generic “Get deals from Facebook using Lead Ads”.

That said, while there are other educators who are using the same mechanism to promote their offers …

Cris is leaning on his expertise, track record, and students’ results to differentiate himself.
The results his students get from his method of running Facebook ads is positively overwhelming.

Pain Points
The main pain points Cris focuses on in his sales copy is selling against using traditional deal sources like cold calling, postcards & RVM to get deals.
Claims & Benefits
Going through his entire VSL and funnel copy, Cris primarily focuses on the following claims and promises:
  • Use Facebook ads to get deals with little to no competition
  • Do deals from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and phone
  • Get started with just $20/day
  • Works for all strategies (Wholesaling, Lease Options, Flips, Listings etc.)
For driving traffic to the funnel, Cris seems to be primarily using paid Facebook ads & Organic traffic.
Facebook Ads
Below are 3 videos Cris used in his FB ads to drive traffic to his website (we’re only able to link to the actual video for compliance reasons)

Facebook Video Ad #1

Facebook Video Ad #2

Facebook Video Ad #2

Here’s a high-level breakdown of his videos:
  • Uses iPhone to record simple video and keeps it personal
  • Keeps videos under 1 minute
  • Adds static headline at the top
  • Adds captions for higher recall and easier consumption
  • Uses humor to soften the pitch and create rapport
Organic Traffic
Cris strategically uses his Youtube channel, email, and website to organically drive warm traffic to his funnel.

Youtube Videos

He often publishes at least 1 video every week on his Youtube channel to provide value to his audience and drive traffic to his funnel.

Here’s an example of one of his Youtube videos …
Here’s a high-level breakdown of his videos:
  • Uses creative still image as a pattern interrupt and to summarize the benefit of watching the video
  • While he does have long videos that go for over 50+ minutes, though the majority of videos are around the 10-15 mins mark
  • He casually drops CTAs throughout the video, with a hard CTA at the end.
  • There’s almost always a link in the description to drive Youtube traffic to his funnel

Cris uses short copy emails to drive traffic to his Youtube videos 
He’s engineered his website in a way that always leads the prospect into the funnel. 

Whether they click on the links in the navigation bar, banner image or watch the embedded videos …

There’s always a path that leads the prospect into the sales funnel.
Banking an Extra $250,000 or More Without Changing a Single Word in the Funnel
Now that we’ve walked through Cris’s funnel, the million-dollar question is:

How can he squeeze more revenue out of it?

If you ask 3 people, you’ll probably get 3 different answers.

There are all sorts of ways to “optimize” the funnel to squeeze more dollars out of it.

Some of the low hanging fruits I’d first test here are:
  • Extending the deadline to 14 days and have a longer email follow up sequence
  • Running Facebook, Youtube & GDN retargeting to bring back prospects into the funnel
  • Adding LIVE chat to close prospects & get feedbackl
  • Adding a F.A.Q. section to the VSL and Product page to overcome the most common objections
  • Adding upsells & downsells
And a bunch of other things.

Now I don’t know the economics of this funnel and how it’s converting ...

Though further optimization of a funnel and getting it dialed in on cold traffic may bring an additional 15%-50% uplift in conversion (possibly more if you’re willing to split test and dial in every element).

But is this really the “fastest” way to double the revenue from this product?

I don’t know for sure ...

However, it’s not uncommon to bring in more money than what you’re making on the front-end (and faster) by re-positioning the offer, doubling its price and then promoting it to your email list.

That’s exactly how we’ve been able to bring over $250k in newfound revenue for our partner Dan Barret at Adwords Nerds and over $320k for Jason Lucchesi last year from the SAME product.

Next, I’m going to break down what we could do if we were to invest our own money and time into creating a sales campaign for Cris to bring him an extra $250k+ this year from the same product (and without taking away anything from what he’s making on the front-end).
Note: Before we dive deeper, I want to say that I’m assuming a lot of things about the offer and the audience without having any hard data to go off of (I’m leaning on my 7+ years experience in the industry).

When we roll out a sales campaign, we typically spend a lot of time digging into the numbers and doing a lot of market research before we plunge into creating any collateral (that’s where the magic happens).

Furthermore, a sales campaign is rarely a home run out of the gate. As we roll out an offer, we pay VERY close attention to the market feedback to dial in the campaign and get more sales.

So we often tweak the offer and messaging over the course of the campaign.
Alright, let's dig in.
Summary of the $250k+ Sales Campaign
We’ve been enrolling clients and customers into $2k to $60k programs without phone calls, running webinars every week or doing preview events since August of 2015 (and selling real estate products and services since 2013).
We use the written word via email and/or live chat to PRE-SELL and sell (enroll).
In short, we’ve pioneered how to Pareto (80/20) out the ”webinar to strategy session funnel” to the bare essence so we can just use the written word to enroll clients into premium programs of up to $60,000.

We typically do this in 3 steps in a process we call the T3 System (T3 stands for “Tap, Tap, Tap” as in golf)

T1 is Pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.
T2 is qualification
T3 is the offer, answer questions and enroll

We can “deploy” our T3 System from email, direct mail, FB groups, SMS, Messenger, anywhere there is an audience.

Though in our experience, the fastest way to roll out an offer and get it dialed in is email.

So for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on mapping out a $250k+ email sales campaign for Cris.

Let’s dive in.
$250k+ Email Sales Campaign Flow
What you see above is the flow of the email sales campaign all the way from generating the lead to closing the sale.

We send what we call “T1” emails, which are broadcast emails with a Call-To-Action at the bottom of the email to reply back for details about the offer.

After someone replies to the T1 email, we have a sales rep manning the sales pipeline who then sends them 3-5 questions in order to qualify the lead and find out their currency and pain points (we’ll cover this in more detail in the copy section).

Once we qualify the lead and make sure they’re a good fit for the program, we then proceed to send them all the details over email.

Yep! We do not send people to a phone strategy session, webinar, sales page etc.

We close the sale over email!

Now that we’ve laid out the sales campaign flow, let’s dive into the specifics of the offer, copy and traffic.
Offer & Copy
Getting More Money and Sales by Re-Positioning the Offer
The buck stops at the offer.

It doesn’t matter how persuasive our email copy is or how flashy the funnel is …

If we don’t have an irresistible offer with a clear unique mechanism that solves a BIG present pain, nothing else matters.

Since it’s been proven that the audience is buyers of “Facebook Ads Training”, it makes our life a lot easier to take the same product and create a more irresistible offer around it.

So here’s what our plan would look like to sell the same product (more or less) but for more than double the original price and get even more sales coming in.

There’s an entire process we go through to reposition an offer and have folks pay us more money for it, however, there’s not enough space to dive deep into it all.

So I’m only going to cover 3 ways we do this.

Make it Simple. Make it Specific.

One of the biggest opportunity here is to simplify the offer and focus the promise on a very specific outcome that they could achieve in a reasonably short time period.

And one of the exercises I do to simplify the offer is boil it down to one sentence:

Give me BLANK and I’ll give you BLANK

So for this offer, it would be:

Give me $1,500 and I’ll give you $5,000 deal from Digital Bandit Signs in 60 days or I’ll keep working with you until you do

Assuming we can prove that claim (Cris has a truckload of proof), who in their right mind would say no to this offer?

Now obviously, that wouldn’t be the specific language I’d use in the copy and we always make sure not to make direct income claims.

Though this is a simple (yet powerful) way that helps us get super clear and focused on the OUTCOME of our ideal customer desires.

People don’t buy products, they buy outcomes.

And by getting specific on the outcome and dumbing it down, we get more people to say “Yes” to our offer and pull out their credit card.

Make It Unique So They Can’t Get it Anywhere Else

There are 3 reasons to why people don’t buy:
  • 1. We’re selling something that doesn’t solve a PRESENT Pain (or satisfies an URGENT desire)
  • 2. They don’t believe our claims or trust us
  • 3. They can find it somewhere else
Reason #3 is why a lot of offers end up in the marketing graveyard and biz owners face a lot of resistance.

If a prospect can find the same or similar solution somewhere else, they’ll be beating us down on price and we’ll have to do a lot more “selling” to get them to choose us over the competition.

Especially for someone who’s interested in getting into real estate, they’re jaded with offers every day in their inbox, Facebook newsfeed, TV, etc.

I could write a 10,000+ word article about this, but it’ll suffice to say if we can’t position the offer as something DIFFERENT, we’re going to be fighting an uphill battle.

(That’s one of the main reasons we say “no” to investing in a lot of offers and working with potential partners)

Typically, we can find the “X-Factor” about a product when we dig into the product and interview the author.

So I can’t say for sure what the unique mechanism here that helps Cris’s students get all these good results …

Though by going over some of Cris’s content, he talks about “Digital Bandit Signs” in some of his Youtube videos which immediately grabbed my attention as something different.

Something that I haven’t heard of before.

So that would be one of the unique mechanisms that I’d test and highlight it in all of our copy to make this offer stand out and perceived as DIFFERENT.

Have Your Offer to Do all the “Objection Handling” for You
The most common way to overcome objections and get prospects off the fence is with good copy.

And that certainly works.

However, we found we can get sales rolling in faster and easier when we engineer the objection handling into the OFFER.

We use the “T.I.M.E.R.” analogy to run through all the objections and find ways we can engineer overcoming it with the offer.

T stands for Time.
I stands for Identity.
M stands for Money.
E stands for Energy.
R stands for Reputation.

For the sake of brevity, I’m only going to cover how we can engineer overcoming the “TIME” objection into the offer.

One of the best ways we found to overcome the “I don’t have time to go through another training” is by adding a bonus 3-Day Zoom Workshop to help students implement the training.

People with more MONEY than time EAT UP super intense training they don't have to travel for (way more than 8-week programs).

Not only that, about 4 out 10 people who go through the 3-Day Workshop end up converting into our NEXT THING ($10k+ programs).

So this doesn’t only help the students get results fast, but it also 5x-10x the amount of revenue we get from each customer (aka increasing the Lifetime Customer Value).

For this offer, I’d bolt on a bonus 3-Day “Ads to Deals” Workshop where we’d help the students get their first Facebook Ad up and running before the end of the workshop.

And then for ongoing support, we'd add 6 weekly coaching calls.

Bonus: Get More Sales Ringing Your Phone By Reducing “Perceived Risk”

I know I said I’m only going to talk about 3 ways to make this offer more irresistible and get paid more for it, but I couldn’t leave this one out.

Reducing and reversing the risk is a very powerful tactic to get people off the fence.

However, we need to go beyond the typical “14 Days Money Back Guarantee”.

When we ask a partner: “What happens if a student follows EVERYTHING you said to the letter, go through the entire training, take massive action …

But for whatever reason, they didn’t get any results.

Do you just tell them to fuck off?”

The typical answer we get back is “I keep working with them and help them!”

(Needless to say, partners who say otherwise we don’t stick around with them)

However, they never SAY It in their marketing.

So what we’d do for this offer is bolt on a performance-based guarantee that goes like this ...

“If you don’t get AT LEAST 1 deal in within 60 days, I’m going to keep working with you UNTIL you do, as long as you’re spending $20/day into Facebook ads.”

If we do nothing else but add this guarantee, we’ll probably see more sales rushing in and convert a lot of the folks who were on the fence the first time they saw the offer.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Cris will do 1-on-1 calls with every student who doesn’t get results.

It could be as simple as keeping their access to the Facebook group and weekly coaching calls. Since he’s doing the coaching calls anyway and he’s in the Facebook group, there’s really no additional fulfillment!

It’s a WIN-WIN.
Offer Deliverables & Pricing
Before we jump into the copy portion, I want to address pricing the offer real quick and the deliverables I’d include with it.

I’d first take out the “FlipAnywhere Academy” option and just focus on the Facebook Ads Training.

That way, we keep the offer & messaging simple.

Science proves that while people “say” they want more options, it actually confuses them and it hurts sales conversions.

Then as far as pricing goes …

Instead of selling the training for $497, I’d increase the price to $1,500 and then test increasing it incrementally by $500.

So I’d first roll out the offer at $1,500, then $2,000 and then $2,500 etc.

I’ll keep pushing the price until our Revenue Per Lead starts dropping.

And since we’re using email and the offer is not publicly available on a page, testing the price is fairly easy and fast.

So here’s what the offer would look like:
  • Main Deliverables: 
  • Find Motivated Sellers Online System
  • "Find Motivated Sellers Online" Facebook group
  • 6 Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Price Point:
  • $1,500 
  • or 3 payments of $597
  • Guarantee:
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Get a deal in 60 days or I’ll keep working with you until you do (as long as you’re spending $20/day into ads)
  • Bonuses:
  • 3-Day “Ads to Deals” Workshop
  • Objection Handling Course
  • Live Seller Calls
  • Urgency/Scarcity: 
  • Price increase after 50 students
  • Deadline for joining the 3-Day Workshop
Copy That Sells
In future articles, I’ll do a deep dive into our process of writing email copy that sells.

Though for the purpose of this article, we’re going to stick to talking about copy at a high level and provide you with examples of high converting copy we’ve used to generate over $250k for one of our offers in partnership with Adwords Nerds.

Let’s first recap the email sales campaign flow real quick.

The strategy here is to send “hand raiser” broadcast emails to the list (or what we call T1) with the goal to generate sales leads and move people closer to saying “Yes” to our offer.

Once replies back to the email for details, we qualify them (by sending them the T2).

If they qualify, we then send them the offer (T3) and enroll them in the program.

We use long-form email copy because we want to PRE-SELL our prospects BEFORE they come into the sales pipeline and ask for the offer details.

We rely on our email MARKETING to do the pre-selling for us.

That way when someone reaches out for details, they’re already more than halfway through to saying “YES” to our offer.

This makes the “selling” process much easier and it doesn’t require us to do any phone strategy sessions.

We use a lot of story-telling in our emails to educate and entertain our prospects. So even if they don’t buy, they still get value out of the emails.

That gives us a lot of leeways when sending emails in high frequency.

When we’ve got a hot offer, it’s not uncommon to send daily emails to the list.

To walk you through the copy, I’ve recorded this quick video to show a real $250k+ example of our email copy and how we close sales with it ...
Once we’ve proven the offer and messaging over email, it’s time to scale that bad boy.

The great thing about our T3 system is that we can “deploy” it anywhere there is an audience.

Typically, the lowest hanging fruit is rolling out the offer over SMS, Facebook Messenger & direct mail.

With email, we typically reach 20%-30% of our warm & hot audience.

So our goal with adding more channels is to reach more of our audience to more than double the revenue we’re bringing from just email alone.

When you’ve got a responsive audience, an irresistible offer and dialed in copy?

It’s the closest thing to having a blank check and a virtual bank account with millions of dollars in newfound money.

And since we’ve already written a ton of emails, the easiest thing to do is to take that same copy and repurpose it for other channels.

We take our best emails and turn it into a Facebook ads …

We take our top 5 best performing emails and turn it into direct mail letters…

We take one email and turn it into a half a dozen SMS messages …

We try to leverage everything we’ve done so far to bring in more sales and enroll clients in our programs.
Cris has done a tremendous job building a responsive audience base, identifying gaps in the market and creating a product that fills that gap and creating a funnel to make the cash register ring.

While optimizing the funnel can be a good way to enroll more students into his program…

Spinning off a more irresistible offer out of the same product and charging more for it can potentially bring in a windfall of customers and income much faster than split testing his way to 15%-50% uplift in conversions.

If you’ve found this article helpful, I’d love to hear from you!

Send me an email to yassin@soldwithemail.com or a message on Facebook (click on the FB Messenger icon below).

I’ll talk to you soon! :-)

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