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[Case Study] $473,117 In Sales Revenue from a “3-Day Virtual Zoom Workshop” Without Doing Live Events, JV Webinars or Creating New Products
If you’re looking to bring in $250,000-$500,000 every quarter from just 1 product without doing live events, JV webinars or spending weeks creating a whole new program ...

In this case study, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how we generated $473,137 in sales revenue from an existing product that was just sitting on the shelf collecting digital dust.

We re-packaged a $497 information product that was created 3 years ago and bumped up the price to $7,000.

We did that by bolting-on a 3-Day Virtual Zoom Workshop, a results-based guarantee and re-positioning the offer.

We sold this offer primarily through email and live chat.

No phone strategy sessions or a sales floor were involved.

Now these results weren’t exclusively pinned to how good we are at what we do ...

This wouldn’t have been possible without our partner’s great reputation, an existing email list (5k+ opens) and a good product that customers recommend.

With that said ...

In this case study, I’m going to break down:
  • Offer Makeover: From $497 Info-product to $7,000 Training Program
  • Testing the offer with an MVC (Minimum Viable Campaign)
  • $300,000+ Rainmaker Campaign Flow
  • Sales Copy That Makes Prospects Go “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”
  • No-Pressure Sales with LIVE Chat
  • Lessons Learned in the Trenches
Let’s dig in.

Campaign Background

The expert we partnered up with was very active doing joint venture webinars promoting a $497 information product around working with Asset Managers at banks to get bulk packages.
He built a sizable email list as a result.

And as with most webinars, only about 5%-10% of those who register ended up buying the product.

He was busy like a bee with getting JVs onboard, running the webinars and doing fulfillment etc.; he didn’t have much time to follow up with the other 90%+ of leads that didn’t convert.

This is where we came in and played a big role.

Not only were we able to 100% turn-key following up with all the unconverted leads and take over his email marketing …

But we got the partner 5 times more money selling the product to his list than he was getting from all the JV webinars he did.

Offer Makeover: From $497 Info-product to $7,000 Training Program

With a $497 flagship product, it’s really hard to scale the business and build an entire operation/team around it.
Plus, the level of support and interaction with members at that price point is very limited (lower success rate).

So we had to re-package the product and come up with a more irresistible offer so we can ask for a higher price.

Let me break down the Offer Makeover process we went through.

Attract Players with Money & Get Better Results for Your Clients with a 3-Day Virtual Zoom Workshop

For folks who want to break-free of live events, sales floors and hard-selling their customers to join their masterminds and high ticket programs …

Your FIRST DATE OFFER is crucial.

A bad first date or even a frustrating or boring one is like chewing with your mouth open, farting, burping and talking about yourself too much.

They may say they're gonna "call you", but...they're gonna ghost.

A good first date though…

Leads NATURALLY to a 2nd date/going steady/marriage without putting up LIVE events every month, hiring a sales floor or paying Zuck out of the wazoo for clicks.

(Going steady offers are often RECURRING so you don't have to keep chasing sales.)

And you know what I've noticed? People with more MONEY than TIME…

Don't want to spend 6-8 weeks (or more) on a FIRST DATE!

And some of the EASIEST YESSES from peeps with more MONEY than time…

Come from the 3 Day Virtual Zoom workshops we put together for our partners.

We’re talking 3 (3-hour) Days.

And because these Zoom workshops are Virtual, there’s ZERO travel for you or your students.

With revenue of $2,500-$10,000 per student/client when it's all said and done.

Not only that, approx. 3 out of 10 people who go through the 3-Day Workshop end up converting into our NEXT THING ($10k+ programs).

So this not only helps students get faster results, but can also 5x-10x the revenue we get from each client (aka increasing the Lifetime Customer Value).

Another thing our partners love about the 3 Day Virtual Zoom Workshop is that they don’t have to put together an entirely new training program.

We just 80/20 their 8-12 week programs and boil it down to what needs to GET DONE in order to achieve the promise of the product/offer.

This is added as a BOLT-ON to the existing product they’re selling.

It doesn’t replace it.

Our partners LOVE it because they can charge more and their students are happier and oftentimes get faster results.

And the perceived value of this add-on is huge.

Get More People Pulling out Their Wallets by Repositioning the Offer

My mentor Travis Sago has a brilliant saying:
“Find what people are FED UP with, and give them a NEW and EXCITING way out”.
I found this principle to be the “secret” to high ticket offers that gets folks pulling out their wallet, especially in overly competitive markets like real estate.

Previously, the promise of the product was along the lines of “Make money in real estate working with Asset Managers”.

It’s something that people have heard before and doesn’t necessarily emphasize the points of difference of this real estate strategy/deal source.

After doing research and testing different angles …

The recurring theme that kept popping up is that investors are fed up with finding new sellers every time they want to do a deal and that sellers were asking close to market value.

And what was most interesting to them about what we’re doing is that just 1 asset manager can send them deals over and over, and give them a steep discount for buying in bulk.


That insight led to reworking our entire messaging and gave us a big bump in our conversions.

This made it easy for us to compare and contrast this with other deal sources out there and position it as a superior to what’s available.

Higher Margins and More Cash Flow With Price Restructuring

First, we increased the price from $497 to $2,500 upfront and $3,500 upon achieving certain milestones & results.

The main reason for the new price structure is two-fold:

            1.  People LOVE that we’ve got skin in the game (more on this in a bit)
            2.  We weren’t too worried about collecting on the $3,500. The main psychology                         here is we used it to give them credit towards upgrading into our $25k+                                 mentorship program.  It feels like we’re doing them a favor crediting them the                       $3,500 and makes it easier for them to say yes.

We tested multiple payment options for the deposit and settled on the 3 below:

            a.  1 payment of $2,500
            b.  3 payments of $899
            c.  10 payments of $299

We had a 75%+ collection rate on the payment plans. This allowed us to create cash flow and bring stability to the business.

The 10x$299 payment plan was only available for a limited time and it allowed us to convert prospects who’d otherwise would not buy.

Have More Prospects Say YES to The Offer by Reducing Perceived Risk

The old offer had the typical 30 days money-back guarantee. Which was OK as that’s the industry standard.
But if we wanted to charge 5x more for the product, we knew we had to go beyond what everyone is doing.

So we introduced 3 guarantees:

Guarantee #1: Attend Day 1 of the Boot camp Risk-Free. If they didn’t find it a fit, they can ask for a 100% refund.

Our refund rates stayed sub 5% because we always baked retention into our delivery and spent the time upfront to get to know the students and making sure they're a good fit.

Guarantee #2: We’ll keep working with them UNTIL they get AT LEAST 1 tape from Asset Managers (as long as they’re reaching out to 5 Asset Managers a day).

That meant enrolling them for free in the upcoming bootcamps or giving them access to weekly group coaching calls we already had in place with other groups.

Guarantee #3: If they don’t make a minimum of $18,000 in deals, they don’t pay us the remaining balance of $3,500

Our clients love the fact that we had skin in the game.

These 3 guarantees tipped over the reward/risk scale.

Testing the Offer with an MVC (Minimum Viable Campaign)

To test the offer real quick before sinking a lot of our time, energy and money into it …

We put together a minimum viable campaign to get the offer in front of our prospects pronto.

We typically do this in 3 emails/steps in a process we call the T3 System (T3 stands for “Tap, Tap, Tap” as in golf)

T1 is Pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.
T2 is qualification
T3 is the offer, answer questions and enroll

This is all done over email.

Here’s a quick video walking you through it:
At first, we were planning on running the campaign for 14 days or less ...

But sales were coming in fast and hot that we ended up extending it to about 21 days.

The total revenue generated was $154,338.


To say the least, this was a slam dunk for that list size!

$300,000+ Rainmaker Campaign Flow

The responses coming in were too many to handle with a T3 System.

So once we’ve validated the offer with our T3 campaign …

We resorted to rolling out the offer with our Rainmaker campaign.

If you’ve heard of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula …

The Rainmaker campaign follows the same principles, though we 80/20 the whole PLF process.

We don’t use any fancy long-form sales pages, videos, JVs etc.

We primarily use email, an order form and LIVE chat.

That’s it.

This gets us 80% of the results, with almost 20% of the effort,

In a future article, I'll probably break down this campaign type in more details.

But for now, let's turn to talking about writing copy that gets the sales.

Sales Copy That Makes Prospects to Go “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”

Here are some of the guidelines and principles we follow when crafting copy that sells. 

Present Pain Before Future Gain

You’ve probably heard this before …

We’re more motivated to avoid pain than to seek pleasure.

It’s how we’re wired as humans (read the Persuasion Code for interesting studies on this).

If there is a lion running after you versus a suitcase full of money in front of you, which would motivate the average human to act quicker?

That’s why in our copy, we start off by showing them how our offer/solution will get them out of their Present Pain before talking about all the future benefits they’ll gain.

If we're talking to John who's been working in corporate America for 30+ years and looking for a way out ...

We focus our messaging on how wholesaling bulk packages can help him escape his 9-to-5 and build up 6 months worth of expenses in his savings (Present Pain), over talking about how it can fund his retirement (Future Gain).

Some of our biggest sales breakthroughs came from shifting the focus of our messaging & offer from future gain to present pain.

And it's not that we never talk about all the benefits he'll experience in the future, but that's only second to relieving him from the pain he's in right now.

As entrepreneurs, we’re usually future and vision focused.

But that hold us back from getting our products and services in the hands of more people who need it and serve our market.

Lower Their Sales Defenses & Give Them an "AHA MOMENT" with Storytelling & Metaphors

I’ve written or copy chiefed 1,000s of sales emails over the past 7+ years, and I’ve yet to find a more powerful tool to deliver an AHA moment while at the same time make the sale than using stories & metaphors.

It lowers prospects defenses, gets them emotional and sets them up for the sale.

What was the last "3 tips" article you remember?

Most people don’t remember all the tips and tricks they read about …

But what they do remember is how we make them FEEL.

When we use stories and metaphors in our emails …

          *  We give them an escape from the boredom they may be experiencing, and ...
          *  Get them to experience an AHA moment which gives them HOPE and then tie it to the offer...

Do it consistently, and they’re hooked to reading almost every email.

Specificity Spits Cash

In a cut through and competitive industry like the real estate education industry, there’s no room for generic copy.

And it’s not just about adding cents and dollars to money claims ($7,889.33).

It goes way beyond it.

Quick quiz, which of the two sounds more credible?

Claim #1: Make money working with Asset Managers
Claim #2: Get 5, 10 and even 15+ discounted properties under contract at 50% discount working with just 1 Asset Manager before Santa comes down the chimney.

If you’re like most of our prospects, the more specific claim #2 lend itself much more credible and believable.

And the specificity doesn’t end at making claims.

It’s a principle we apply all throughout.

For instance, when we’re qualifying our prospects …

We don’t say “this is only for serious investors”.

Instead, we’re very specific about who we want to work with …

This for investors who have closed deals before and can set aside at least 2 hours/day to reach out to Asset Managers

The more we’re specific in our copy, the more sales we see come through.

Have Your Prospects Nodding Their Head As They Read Your Copy Using Mind Movies

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s because it’s easier for our brain to process pictures over text/words.

When I say the word “effective marketing”, does a picture instantly pop into your head?

What about when I say “sellers ringing your phone after spending just $10”?

Even though both can mean the same thing ...

If you’re like most people, it’s much easier for your brain to “hear” the phone ringing, “see” your phone and a $10 bill than the word “effective marketing”.

That’s why in our copy, we use “MindMovies” wherever possible to paint a picture of what their life would LOOK like once they buy our product.

As I read the copy, I always try to PICTURE it.

If I can’t see, smell, touch or hear it …

We erase it and rewrite the sentence.

We always try to use as many of these 4 senses in our copy as possible.

Have Your Prospects Tell You How to Sell THEM

We can mentally masturbate about picking the right words and getting “creative” with our copy …
Or we can simply ask our prospects some questions and let them feed us all the copy we need to get them clicking the buy button.

We always use surveys, phone interviews and a lot of other feedback loops to extract all the words we need out of our prospects' mouth and use it to write copy that sells.

Sending out one single survey can give us enough copy ideas for the next 3 months.

No-Pressure Sales with LIVE Chat

One live chat agent can do the work of 5 phone sales peeps.
This is one of the most powerful sales tools in our arsenal.

I’d say 40%-50% of the customers who enroll, at some point, reach out to us over chat (when we're running a rainmaker).

Going deep into the topic of how we use chat to close sales needs an entire article in itself ...

But the most important distinction to how we use chat is, we don’t try to convince people to buy.

We rely on our email marketing to do 90% of the selling for us.

By the time someone reaches out to us over chat, they’ve got a question or two and they’re ready to enroll (or not).

LIVE chat not only helps us enroll more folks into our programs …

But it’s critical to gathering feedback from prospects who are close to making a buying decision.

It’s not uncommon to pivot with our messaging and offer during a campaign due to all the great feedback we collect.

Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Now that we’ve covered the campaign, let’s go through some of the biggest lessons learned from rolling out this campaign.

What Was Done Well / What Went Right:

  • Upgrading customers who had bought the $497 version by giving them a $500 discount was a slam dunk! It made up approx. 25% of the total sales generated.
  • Recycling a lot of the copy from the T3 campaign was HUGE time saver
  • We offered a fast action bonus to the first 10 people who joined the program. It worked well. It kicked off the campaign with a bang.
  • ​We did a Q&A webinar with the goal to address all the objections we were getting, and it worked great. We also offered a fast-action bonus only available to attendees and it crushed.
  • ​We offered the 10 x $299 payment plan for a short time and ran a deadline sequence for it. This made up 40%+ of our sales. 
  • ​We identified key objections at the start of the campaign and were fast to adapt the messaging to address it. We started seeing more sales come through after that.
  • ​We did 15 min “Daily Standups” as a team to stay on top of things. The meeting rhythm was key to keeping us all on the same page and moving in the right direction

What Can We Do Better Next Time / Technical Challenges:

  • We did cart re-open and ran a $1 trial. It was a complete flop.
  • ​Our Facebook retargeting ads only brought us 3 direct sales of 10x299 after spending $5,055 (170% ROI, assuming we collect 100% of the payments). That said, it did assist in bringing 16 sales. However, we were expecting it to drive at least 10%-15% of the sales.
  • ​Live chat: We didn’t have an automated rule to automatically reach out to folks who visited the order page multiple times. We could've engaged many more visitors and enrolled those who were on the fence.
  • ​We had quite a few failed transactions. We didn’t have a proper process in place to recapture those from the get go.


I hope this case study gave you a good idea of how you can turn a medium ticket offer into a high ticket program that you can charge $2,500-$10,000 for without having to do live events, hiring a sales floor or doing any JVs.
In future articles, I may go deeper into how we design these 3 Day Workshops in more detail if there’s enough interest (reach out and let me know).

If you’re a real estate expert and would like to extract an extra $250,000-$500,000 out of your list this quarter without doing any of the work, reach out and let's brainstorm a sales campaign for you

Until next time, make your days great!

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