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This Deadline Email = 6 Figures. Would You Like The Swipe Copy?
I hesitated a bit about sharing this because it's been worth 6+ figures in sales for our agency partners over the past 2 years and I didn't want it to lose its effectiveness. 

But I decided to share this with you anyway because while we can't invest in most businesses that apply to work with us, I want to help as many folks as I can get through this storm and make it out even stronger.

It's NOT uncommon for this email alone to bring in 5%-10% of the sales in the ENTIRE promo.

We send it 6 hours before cart close (This is third to the last email in the deadline sequence we send on the last day).

Funny thing is it almost never fails to bring in a surge of sales, even though we've sent it like gazillion times to the same lists.

Ala Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the rich buy or create assets.

This is a marketing cow we all can milk for income:-)

Here's the link to the download the swipe ...

Click on File > Download to get a copy of the file (please don't request edit access)
Now go make some money :-)
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