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About Sold With Email
We fund and create sales campaigns to enroll clients in our partners' $2k-$60k real estate coaching programs. 

We do all the work and only get paid from the revenue we directly generate.
Get The Scoop On How To Close $2,000 to $60,000 Sales Without Phone Calls, Webinars or Launches
Published by Yassin Shaar
It's NOT uncommon for this email alone to bring in 5%-10% of the sales in the ENTIRE promo.

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Published by Yassin Shaar
In this FACEBOOK LIVE training, I break-down our process of reviving dead email lists and get it cash flowing after sending 4 specific type of emails ...

... all without writing a new sales letter, putting money into Zuck's pockets or doing some email deliverability wizardry.
Written by Yassin Shaar
If you’re looking to bring in $250,000-$500,000 every quarter from just 1 product without doing live events, JV webinars or spending weeks creating a whole new program ...

In this case study, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how we generated $473,137 in sales revenue from an existing product that was just sitting on the shelf collecting digital dust.
Interview by Yassin Shaar
I’m excited to share with you the interview I did with #1 AirBNB Expert Brian Page on how he uses celebrities to generate 10,000+ buyers of his training and 9 figures in sales revenue.

Brian gives us insider access to how he structures celebrity deals, gets celebrities to say “YES” and makes the most out of every endorsement. 
Interview by Yassin Shaar
This guest interview is with none other than Mike Hambright who was very generous in sharing the behind the scenes and inner workings of his 7 Figure Real Estate Coaching business.

He gives us a peek behind the scenes of how he runs his high ticket masterminds, generates a consistent stream of organic traffic, structures his live events and much more.

Interview by Yassin Shaar
Blair takes us behind the scenes of his $Million Dollar$ real estate coaching funnel and reveals the magic that enables him to spend $30,000+/month on FB ads at a profit.

I think folks are going to be blown away by how he structures his offer...

He makes it a TOTAL NO BRAINER for prospects to hand him their credit card with a big smile and a "Thank You"!

And the "out of the box" testing he's doing to snag more revenue out of his funnel is something I haven't seen ANYONE in the industry do yet.
Interview by Yassin Shaar
This is the FIRST time Patrick Riddle talks about his VSL funnels in public and how he's acquiring 1,000s of REI info-product buyers every month.

You're in for a treat!
Written by Yassin Shaar
In this case study, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of how we generated $169,152 in sales revenue from a 3-day live event.
Written by Yassin Shaar
And a Simple Plan to Add an Extra $250k+ Without  Changing a Single Word in the Funnel
Interview by Yassin Shaar
How Jason Was Handed A Stack of $300,000 in “New Found Money” & Filled Up His Coaching Program Without Doing Live Events Every Month, Phone Strategy Sessions or Paid Ads
Interview by Yassin Shaar
How Dan Banked $42 PER EMAIL SUBSCRIBER From a List of Unconverted Strategy Sessions
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